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MentorToGo Logo Tech Lit Kit is designed specifically for educators, administrators, and technology leaders!

  • Comprehensive - Four volumes, 1132 pages in all
    IT (Instructional Technology is in every volume):
    Volume 1: IT's Basic
    Volume 2: Publish IT
    Volume 3: IT Figures
    Volume 4: Present IT
  • Aligned to CTAP2 Technology Proficiencies
  • Research-based
  • Project-based and field-tested
  • Real world applications
  • Curriculum Specials in every volume
  • Includes reproducible workshop and student handouts
  • Designed to promote site-based tech professional development
  • Use for whole group and self-paced instruction
  • Binder format helps organize, integrate site-based resources

Perfect for all educators--research-based, project-based, and field-tested.

  • Teachers and Para-professionals
    Projects based on teacher productivity needs.
    Differentiated projects appeal to different experience levels.
    Aligned to CTAP2 Tech Proficiency Categories.
    Promotes technology literacy.
  • Administrators
    Designed to encourage a Community of Learners
    Encourages site-based improvement in use of technology that can be documented by improved self-assessment ratings.
  • Technology Professional Development Coordinators and Presenters
    Stop reinventing the wheel--use the MentorToGo Tech Lit Kit as a "text" instead of spending hours writing your own handouts.
    Binder format helps coordinate with locally produced resources.

Field Tested Tech Professional Development Strategies that incorporate best teaching practices and tech applications.

  • Standards-based, assessment-driven curriculum, aligned to CTAP2 Technology Proficiencies
  • Project-based approach
  • Projects are scaffolded to build in repetition and reinforce previous learning
  • Practical, real-world applications
  • Designed to support site-based teach professional development
    • use for whole group instruction
    • provide self-paced instruction
    • binder format integrates with local resources
  • Fun!

Tech Lit Kit Content

Promote technology literacy with handy guides that don't require you to be online to learn. Projects are organized in four volumes to target professional growth.

Proficiency Category
General Computer Knowledge and Skills

Word Processing

Word Processing, Publishing Spreadsheets, Databases Presentation Software
Instructional Technology - IT is in all volumes!
Curriculum Bonus Language Arts Teacher's Special Social Studies Teacher's Special Math
Teacher's Special
Science Teacher's Special
Tech Skill Bonus (beyond CTAP2 Proficiencies)   Web Page Development, Digital Photography, Photo editing, Drawing tools Mail Merge, Drawing Diagrams

Video Editing, Animation, Sound

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"Improving student learning through the use of technology by providing educators with resources and professional development"